Sara Vaclavik, CIRS

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Thanks for stopping by! There is a lot of content on the Networker, so I appreciate you taking a minute to check out my profile. 

I am the contact center manager at Vermont 2-1-1. I have been working in the I&R field for four years. I began at Vermont 2-1-1 in 2015 as an I&R specialist, became a senior I&R specialist in 2016, and then became a contact center lead in 2018 before becoming a manager this year. 

What I love about I&R (other than that there is always an opportunity to learn and connect!) is that enshrined in the AIRS Standards is an expectation for organizations to cooperate and collaborate. I love the idea that we are all better by working together and supporting each other, freely exchanging ideas about best practices and just generally trying to build each other up. 

If you ever want to reach out -- feel free! As is the nature of the beast -- if I am not able to answer your question directly, I will do my best to find someone who might!