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Abandonment Rates and Cost per Call

thing thatfunders understand is cost per...-per-call of a 2-1-1 in Alabama with an...there is no industry standard for cost-per...diploma in Call Centre Management at a Toronto

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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

per agent and other call-related metrics...calls to one or more groups of I&R...process incoming calls on a first in/first...based on the characteristics of the call. An

Cost Effectiveness Analysis

relationship between the cost and the effectiveness...least cost to produce a given level of


between the calling party and the called party...Included are both incoming calls (calls...initiated by inquirers) and outgoing calls...(calls initiated by I&R specialists

Call Type

Call types include: Information

Calls Answered

Calls that are routed to an ACD queue...Calls Answered may be either Transactions...-Transactions (e.g., abandoned calls, wrong numbers...phantom calls, admin calls, personal calls

Abandoned Calls

Incoming calls that are terminated is answered by an I&R specialist...Abandonment Time, Hang Ups, Calls

Call Volume

mean incoming calls, calls offered or calls...answered or, in some contexts, outgoing calls

Transaction Calls

calls are characterized by direct contact...Referral Provision, Closure). Basically, calls...Calls, Non-Transaction Calls. Also Calls Transacted, Productive Calls

Calls Offered

Calls Received that are placed will be either answered or a Transaction Call or a Non...-Transaction Call. (Calls Offered = Calls